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international single image contest

contest for the best single street photograph made anywhere in the world*

PRIZE POOL of AU$2000+

deadline - 11:59 pm august 25 2019

Enter the AS2019 single image competition for your chance to:

  • be exhibited during the festival

  • receive exposure, &

  • win fantastic prizes

entry fee

AU$15 per image for the first 1-5 IMAGES

AU$10 per image for the next 6-10 Images

eg/ Enter 5 pictures and pay AU$75 (5×$15), Submit 6 pictures and pay $85  (5×$15 + 1x$10), Submit 10 pictures and pay $125 (5×$15 + 5x$10)
  • Enter a street photograph. You can enter as many images as you like; however, you must commence a new entry for each 10 images.

  • All submitted images must be sized between 800-2000px, no larger than 5MB per file

  • Clearly name all files using firstname_lastname_01.jpg, firstname_lastname_02.jpg etc

*NOTE: If your image(s) were taken in Australia and you are an Australian photographe, then your entries will also automatically be considered for the additional category of BEST SINGLE AUSTRALIAN STREET PHOTO with its own prize pool of $AU1250+.